Artist Statement

- Connecting with Nature and tapping into the Heart

The paintings are poetic explorations of my feelings about Nature.  

When I paint I go beyond what I see.  Boundaries fade away and possibilities open up, as I explore an inner journey of discovery.  An essential part of the creative process for me is connecting with Nature and tapping into the Heart, where I feel creativity unfolds naturally and authentically. I spend time in the woods, in the archipelago, on the mountain and on the beach. This fuels my creativity and broadens my self-awareness.

When I lay paint on canvas I start by building up the surface with thick gesso and then follow by layering fields of color. A multitude of thin washes and thick impasto are applied. By alternating cool and warm hues, light and dark values, depth and texture build up. There is an alchemy created that becomes unique for each painting.

The work is about a longing for a collective connection; about honoring and celebrating a healthy beautiful place within Nature that we call home.

My compositions begin from a grounded place within myself that translates on canvas to what suggests a high horizon line. This is an important reminder that we are part of something larger. The expansive area below is designated for Earth, because it needs our attention. I explore the deep rooted emotional relationship that we have with our home planet. Things we cannot necessarily see, yet feel deeply within.

I believe that to create meaningful change in how we interact with the Earth, we must begin with restoring our connection to Nature. We will only put true effort into something we care for and love. My paintings are intended to evoke emotions of what we inherently know. We are bonded to a larger system. We are Nature.